Dutch Digital Conference

Since 2019 the Dutch government organises the Dutch Digital Conference every year. The first conference took place in Hilversum in March 2019, the second took place in Groningen in March 2021. Representatives from the scientific community, the world of work, civil society organisations and government exchanged knowledge and agreed to join forces to manage the rapid technological developments that are rapidly transforming Dutch society and the economy.

Beeld: Thijs ter Hart

Conference as a catalyst

Digitalisation is transforming the Dutch economy and society. Taking full advantage of the opportunities it offers while addressing the challenges requires cooperation between:

  • public authorities
  • businesses
  • knowledge institutions
  • civil society organisations

The Dutch Digital Conference brings parties together and acts as a catalyst for cooperation. It is one of the ways that the government is promoting the implementation and ongoing development of the Dutch Digitalisation Strategy.

The first edition of the conference in video (English subtitles)

Curious about the mood at the first Dutch Digital Conference, the tangible results and outcomes? This concluding video with English subtitles offers an impression.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

The overall theme of the conference week was artificial intelligence, which was explored in relation to, for instance:

  • scientific research
  • ethics
  • social and economic applications

The aim was to share knowledge and inspiration and link up various actions. The conference programme included:

  • debates
  • workshops
  • plenary sessions
  • innovation market

The innovation market continued throughout the event.

Opening film first Dutch Digital Conference (English subtitles)