Dutch Digitalisation Strategy 2.0 published

The Dutch Digitalisation Strategy 2.0 is the update of the digitalisation strategy that the government presented to the House of Representatives in 2018. It offers a brief overview of the results achieved over the past year and looks ahead to the future.

Making optimal use of digital opportunities

The Dutch Digitalisation Strategy describes how the Netherlands can optimal and responsible use of the social and economic opportunities offered by the digital transformation. This is only possible if the foundations are solid, like:

  • privacy protection
  • cybersecurity
  • digital skills
  • fair competition

Results achieved

The updated digitalisation strategy provides an overview of actions that were set in motion over the past year in the area of digitalisation. For example, the Netherlands is further expanding its role as a living lab by launching field labs and workplaces for entrepreneurs to innovate and experiment with digital technologies.

A purchasing cooperative has been set up for digital teaching materials and high-speed internet in schools. This will strengthen digital education.

Finally, a number of primary schools used a special edition of the Donald Duck weekly magazine, including a teaching pack, to teach children in the upper years about using new technologies responsibly, and the rights and rules that come with it.


Besides looking back, the updated Dutch Digitalisation Strategy also looks to the future. It describes the following priority themes and actions for the coming year:

  • artificial intelligence
  • using data to tackle social issues and stimulate economic growth
  • digital inclusion and skills
  • digital government
  • digital connectivity
  • digital resilience

The government will be focusing extra attention on these priorities, working with entrepreneurs, the scientific community, civil society organisations and subnational authorities to achieve results.

More information

Read more about the results already achieved and the priorities for the coming year in the Dutch Digitalisation Strategy 2.0.